Workshops will happen every few months. I will be offering 2/3 day retreat style workshops (stay at the location for a weekend), 2 day intensives and a 5 week (once a week) format. These will be in the Birth Into Being Method. Doing this work in groups is extremely beautiful and healing and an opportunity not to be missed. Please see the ‘coaching page for more information about Birth Into Being and the limbic imprint. 




“I’ve seen parts of myself that I can’t unsee. I have so much more compassion for myself. I really loved the conversations around healing in relationship and the importance of relationships. I feel less alone in the world and in my experience of the world. I feel proud of myself for participating in the workshop and for showing up. I know I’m capable of more than I thought I was prior to the workshop.”


“I don’t think there has been a single day since the 2 day workshop where I have not thought about different aspects of it, different aspects of me, who I am, who my inner child in, who I want to be, what I want to improve. A new found compassion and gentleness for myself and others”


Birth Into Being- level 1 workshop

I have trained with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova (birth pioneer and director of the iconic film ‘Birth As We Know It’) in her Birth Into Being Method which was developed around the mechanism of limbic imprinting. The techniques neutralise the effects of negative imprints by enabling us to experience, anchor and integrate new and empowering emotional, mental and physical reference points in the nervous system. An opportunity to create your own alternative and life-affirming imprints through greater intimacy with yourself and in connection and relationship with others.  For the level 1of this workshop the processes we will explore are-the Limbic Imprint Recoding (LIR) process, where you can recode your own birth experience. The Tri-Brain (reptilian, limbic and cortex) process in which we get these parts back into alignment. And the third process we go deep into your core beliefs, what’s holding you back and finding a way to the other side. Workshop flow has structure and is also flexible and responsive to the group and its needs. Exactly how much we cover will depend on many factors. We will also have discussions about the core principles of Birth Into Being, dancing and movement and breaks and time for integration. 

For more information about Birth Into Being please see the website

Every tiny shift is a quantum leap.

Every time you choose yourself time lines change.

Every time you dare to dream and orient yourself, even the tiniest bit, in that direction, the universe re-arranges.

Every time you believe in yourself, even for a second a Mexican wave of cheers courses through the cosmos. 

It’s happening.

You are more powerful than you think. 

Keep going.

You can do it.

You are doing it. 

Much love