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Hello, I’m Anna, a coach, an artist and a facilitator of deeply held spaces. I am here to guide you back to yourself. 

I am dedicated to creating a container where you have permission to be your authentic self. Where you can feel seen and heard. Where all parts of you can be witnessed, acknowledged and integrated

I understand that we need to go past the cognitive understanding of ourself and our patterns and into the deeper parts of our being and psyche if we want to create genuine and sustainable shifts in our life. To discover what is really there under the surface and out of our conscious awareness. What needs didn’t get met and how we can find ways to meet them now.

I am here for the real shifts and the deep inner work. To heal is to experience the opposite. 

If that’s what you value too. If you are ready to go all in and truly want to step into your power, let’s chat! 

Let’s create magic!

I want you to be in a state of integration and self awareness. I want to uncover what is holding you back. To feel you can be who you truly are. The time is now.


"I had a deep and profound experience participating in Anna's work. I felt safe and nurtured, steered gently through the process of the Limbic Imprint Recoding session with her calm and confident voice. The actual process itself was incredible. Looking back a few weeks on, it still stays with me very powerfully. Although it was in the style of guided meditation, it felt like a psychedelic trip and I went into a mind altering state. I was crying, smiling, asking questions, finding answers and experiencing powerful sensations and emotions. As I come closer to birthing, this work with Anna helped me feel good and accepting to be who I am, as I am and fully ready to bring my baby in this world."
"It was scary but I knew that whenever I feel this way it's because I'm about to experience something life altering. The edge of FUARK off fear and FUCK yes excitement was REAL. Thank you from deepest parts of me, there are no words to truely express my gratitude for the light you have shed on me and my new journey forward, thank you Anna.
"I felt very safe and cared for throughout the experience as well as before and after. I would highly recommend this work, I feel like I received so much from it and there hasn't been a single day since the workshop that I haven't had a moment of inner reflection, which has ultimately been extremely beneficial to my growth, healing and my life in general. Anna is simply wonderful, and I hope that everyone who would benefit from taking part in this work has the opportunity to do so."
"Anna’s work was deeply healing to my nervous system. I was able to gain a whole new insight into how my limbic system works and how to completely connect with it and support or regulate my nervous system during emotional times and stress. For me, this healing process has change my life, for the better."
"I had the most beautiful and wonderful Mother Blessing and sound meditation experience. The fears and worries of becoming a mother of three soon dissolves when you are surrounded by love and support. Thank you Anna for transforming my home into this amazing space and bringing all the good vibes."