Anna Cocks

I am most enlivened by witnessing people step out of their stories and into the truth of who they are. I am here for emotional intimacy and human connection. I am here to guide you through the trenches and back home to yourself. To feel and see yourself clearly. To feel your power. To feel whole. This is what I want for myself and every human in the world.  


I was born and grew up in Perth. I completed a Bachelor of Fine Arts from UWA in 2008 and then moved to Hobart and completed my Honours at the Tasmanian School of Art in 2010. I have had multiple solo exhibitions and group shows.

In 2018 I discovered the work of Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova and her method Birth into Being. That same year I travelled to Germany to complete an intensive in-person training with her and experience the method first hand. This work blew my mind and accutely drew my attention to the importance of ‘people making’- how our earliest experiences imprint our nervous system and greatly influence how we see the world and our relationship to ourself and others. I wrote more about my journey on my ‘coaching’ page. 

I have been in the world of birth for the past few years, learning all I can and what excites and lights me up the very most is birth in power and completely outside the medical system. 

I was born at home and witnessed my sister born at home at the age of 12 and so family-centred birth at home has been my normal from the very beginning. I believe the way we are born greatly impacts the way we live. And that we can heal from anything. 

I have trained with Yolande Norris-Clarke and Emilee Saldaya (Freebirth Society) in their Radical Birthkeeper School in 2023 and have learnt so much from their wisdom around birth choices and the tools of self mastery. I am also greatly interested in the German New Medicine framework and using it as a lense through which I encounter my body and symptoms. I believe in self healing. I am committed to the path of expansion and self awareness. 

I so look forward to working together.

Much love,



To guide myself and others into greater self awareness and mastery. For humans to know how powerful and creative they are.


To see humans connected to themself and the natural world. To see a world of emotional intimacy, kindness and love.