I will be putting old and new artworks for sale through the link below. All artworks are unique state prints using printmaking techniques of collograph, chine colle and dry point etching. Sizes and prices will be in artwork description. 

I also offer personalised artworks if we are working together. For example I can make an artwork informed by the spiritual, emotional, physical and energetic imprints of your pregnancy and birth experience. I can also make personalised affirmation cards. This includes a session to discover what words, colours and images speak to you most potently. 

Affirmation Cards (9) $180
Personalised Artwork from $500.

My philosophy

Creative: I truly believe we have the capacity to create the life we want, that we are creative beings and we have power and agency in our life. We can know, learn and explore so much through creative expression. I believe in our ability to use our imagination to envision what we want to see in the world and to take steps in our own life towards creating that- to step into a space of free will. 

Magic: I believe that the quality of magic- to be beautiful and delightful- can be a part of our everyday life if we choose it be. We are creative beings and there is also a power expressing itself through us that is biggest than us. Some things are a mystery and we can trust the mystery and magic- be open to it and feel wonder. 

Spaces: I want to create deeply held spaces, containers, for sharing our humanity, our experiences, our pain, our dreams. I want spaces where I and other can feel free to be fully ourself, to be seen, even the messy, ugly, or ‘unacceptable’ parts. This is the space of true healing, true relationship and authenticity.