These 1:1 sessions are done online and can be a one-off or multi-session container. Let me guide you to shine a light on and uncover what might be outside your conscious awareness. On what might be still stuck and unresolved in your system. On what might be holding you back from truly creating and living the life you want to live. Below are some areas that you might be interested in exploring in coaching sessions and some descriptions of the tools that I offer. 

The Limbic Imprint

Our earliest experiences deeply inform and shape us through the mechanism of limbic imprinting. The limbic imprint is the way that our memories and experiences become ‘stored’ in our nervous system on a cellular and subconscious level and affect our thoughts, behaviours and emotional responses today. The limbic part of the brain is our emotional centre and, during gestation, birth and our early years, is the part of the brain that we operating from (not our cortex). This is why it is so important to address this part of ourself as the beliefs, patterns and behaviours stored in this part are outside our conscious awareness. We can’t think our way to healing, we must follow our feelings into these deeper parts of ourself to create true resolution. 

“The sessions completely altered my life. Deep, deep realisations of who I was and how trauma was affecting me. How I was organised in my brain.

Anna’s work was deeply healing to my nervous system. I was able to gain a whole new insight into how my limbic system works and how to completely connect with it and support and regulate my nervous system during emotional times and stress. For me, this healing process has change my life, for the better.”

Rhonda- artist

Birth Into Being

I have trained with Elena Tonetti-Vladimirova (birth pioneer and director of the iconic film ‘Birth As We Know It’) in her Birth Into Being Method. This work was developed specifically around this mechanism of limbic imprinting. The techniques help to neutralise the effects of negative imprints by enabling us to experience, anchor and integrate new and empowering emotional, mental and physical reference points in the nervous system. We have a new experience in our body and an opportunity to create alternative, life-affirming, imprints. The sessions I am offering are the Limbic Imprint Recoding (LIR) process, where you can recode your own birth experience. The Tri-Brain (reptilian, limbic and cortex) process in which we see different needs we have, our strategies for meeting them and, through understanding, gently guide these parts back into alignment. And the third process in which we go deep into your core beliefs, what’s holding you back and finding a way to the other side. It is powerful to do all three, but you can book each session individually. If you would like to do these in person please look out for workshop offerings. 

“The three sessions where all completely different, igniting reflection on many shadowed parts of my being, and brought clarity to aspects of myself that I am familiar with, but I am now able to see through new eyes. Anna attuned herself deeply into the energy of my field to communicate my personal imprinting in a way that felt safe to confront. She uses somatic tools to put the mind at easy and allow the body to communicate as it needs to, she recognises when your focus shifts and assists beautifully to get your back into free expression.

The mirror I never knew I needed. Confronting and comfortable, Anna’s curious and kind nature, and professionalism helped me feel supported and understood during the process. I highly recommend to anyone to explore this journey with Anna, she is a grounded, well informed facilitator. Thank you so much Anna, for sharing the work you do.”

Dionne- social worker and doula.

Birth Preparation

Do you want to birth completely outside the medical system?

Do you want to birth in power?

Do you know the true potential of what birth can be and are ready to step into the radical responsibility it is asking of you?

I have trained with Yolande Norris-Clarke and Emilee Saldaya (Freebirth Society) in their Radical Birth Keeper School and can support you on your freebirth journey.  We can go into whatever you feel is in the way of you finding the state of confidence, trust and commitment to your body, birth and baby. Using processes from the Birth Into Being to help neutralise trauma from your own birth and early life, debriefing previous births, diving into the energetics and physiology of birth, birth prepping on a practical level, fear integration and jumping on the drama triangle to get to know these dynamics more intimately- so you can step out of victim consciousness and into self responsibility, power and the birth you want. 

Process Sessions (2hrs):

1 session $222 (plus 30 min integration call)
4 sessions $777 (over 6 week period)
6 sessions $999 (over 8 week period)
12 sessions $1,888 (over 16 week period)

Coaching Sessions (1hr):

1 session $99
4 sessions $388 (over 6 week period)
6 sessions $555 (over 8 week period)
12 sessions $1,111 (over 16 week period)

If you have any questions please reach out and I offer a free 15 min chat to help you decide if this might be for you. Also any multi-session package can be upgraded as you go if you would like to do more and I can make a custom option of a combination of session types. 

Why work with me?

I have gone through this work myself and it has profoundly shifted the way I feel about myself, my relationships and my experience of life. Healing work is an evolving process and, in my perspective, it never ends. This can feel big and overwhelming and I completely get that. I have been there, deep in there, in despair, hopelessness, tiredness, frustration, anxiety, fear. I walked around the world incredibly afraid of people and feeling so trapped and locked in my own self, in discomfort, in the suppression of my words and emotions- it was painful. I have worked with healers, counsellors, had a guru, done many different forms of body work, listened to spiritual teachers, sweat lodges, healing ceremonies and read many books. Everything in its own way has contributed to me being where I am today, which a much more comfortable place in my body, being and in relationship with others, but it felt like a long road!

I felt I had so much inside me that it would be never ending, the burden was so large it would never not weigh me down, that the panic would always grip me. When will this end? When will I feel good? And I really think my biggest shift, the biggest cracking open and real healing started when I found Elena’s work in 2018. There are many paths to healing and with some the bell curve is steeper than others and we can only heal and integrate what we are ready to heal and integrate. I am so grateful for everything that lead me to her work and all the people, places, teaching and experiences that have come since, that I have been ready to receive. And in my experience this one (Birth Into Being Method) is a steep bell curve! And it really works in a profound way on the physical, mental and emotional level, which I feel is so important. This work helps locate you back in the drivers seat of your life- a place of power and choice. And healing with other people is next level! It was definitely the piece that was missing for me. I felt emotional intimacy for the first time. 

The work never ends- its an ever expanding horizon line- but at a certain point I think we become not only ok with that, but the ride becomes a lot more fun. The better it gets, the better it gets. And willingness is key. If you feel that willingness to step on the ride, the ride deep into your being and who you are and if you want loving guidance and support along the way please reach out. I honour you for that openness and there is so much here for you. Much love